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Never forget to USE ALL HERBS AND ESSENTIAL OILS WITH CAUTION. All herbs, oils, tinctures, and resins are intended for incense making purposes only and are not intended for consumption.

 Shipping and Handling may take up to two weeks depending on the items purchased. Shipping and taxes (if applicable) are calculated during checkout. All items will ship at the same time. Prices are subject to change at any time without notice. Shipping cost for orders under $50.00 is based on a medium sized flat rate box including the tracking and confirmation number ($12.10). If your order is less than $50.00 and your items fit in a small flat rate box (the size of a VHS tape), you will be refunded the difference.

Almost all images of the live plants on this site are directly linked to companies that you can try your hand at growing the actual plant, herb, or tree for yourself. The images, and plant nurseries where they are linked are all located in the United States of America. Occasionally, some of these companies will be out of stock on certain items.